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Win 3.72 Carats White Gold Fancy Green Color Diamond Ring (2 rings) certified by GIA + 2 rings gifts

Welcome to the Golbale Gemstone Center Jewelry Giveaway! We're thrilled to offer you a unique opportunity to win a spectacular collection of jewelry worth $60,000. This giveaway celebrates the beauty of natural gemstones and the elegance of genuine diamonds.

What You Can Win

3.72 Carats White Gold Fancy Green Color Diamond Ring This magnificent diamonds rings is composed of 18k white gold.
This diamonds rings will dazzle those who lay eyes on it and shines from every angles The 4 diamonds rings in this jewel have been set by hand by an experienced setter using a technique involving a microscope for high precision.
Whoever wins the gift will win the second of two artificial diamond rings inlaid with aquamarine and amethyst stones

How to Participate

1 . Purchase a Ticket: To enter the drawing, you’ll need to buy a ticket for just $1.
This ticket will give you a chance to win the entire $60,000 prize package.
2 . Share the Excitement: Increase your chances of winning by sharing this giveaway with your friends and family.
The more you share, the greater your chances of winning!


$60,000 Worth of Dazzling Jewelry

One lucky winner will be selected as the recipient of this magnificent prize. If you're the lucky winner, you'll walk away with 3.72 carats of natural fancy green diamonds and a set of ten unique jewelry pieces adorned with an array of natural gemstones.
Don't miss this incredible opportunity to elevate your jewelry collection with these exquisite gemstones. Whether you're a jewelry enthusiast or looking for a perfect gift, this giveaway is a chance you won't want to pass up.

Click the button below to purchase your ticket and stand a
chance to win this stunning jewelery collection.

Hurry, your chance to win this remarkable jewelry collection is just a click away.
Good luck to all participants, and thank you for your support of Golbale Gemstone Center!


Giveaway only from global gemstone center

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